This is our LAST week of the quarter, can you believe it?!

This week, we are finishing up chapter 5 in Science on the Water Cycle and working on our Study Guide, which should be coming home every night. For an extra copy of our Science Study Guide, click HERE.

In Math, we are beginning chapter 4 in order to “Use Models and Strategies to Multiply Decimals”. 

In Writing, we are starting a new creative writing piece with a focus on sequencing events. Also, as this is a shorter week, we will not being doing Wordly Wise or Spelling this week. 

In Reading, we are continuing with Wonder and seeing how human kindness can be learned and applied.

We can’t wait to end this quarter off right! Let’s go TEAM!

*Announcement: Market Day is on FRIDAY! Please check our Market Day page for more information and for a copy of the application.

*Announcement: The AR quarter is quickly coming to an end! Please encourage your child to read nightly so they can pass their goal!