We made it through testing! Students have done a great job and Monday will be our final day! If your student missed a day of testing, make-up tests will be on April 24th and 26th. They will be called out of class to do those.

This week Wordly Wise, spelling and Bible verse are back! We will be on Lesson 17 and our verse is Psalm 51:10.

In Bible, we will continue to study David. We will discuss how he had a heart for God through both his successes and failures.

We are beginning a new math chapter this week on volume.

We will continue reading Lemoncello’s Library Olympics! This novel is so fun! We will continue our discussions of character development and how details affect a story line.

Our history test is this Tuesday! Students received a study guide last week. We will begin a new chapter of science on cells starting on Wednesday.

In writing, we are finishing up some persuasive paragraphs we began the week before testing. Students will be editing and writing their final drafts.

Only 6 more weeks of 5th grade! Can you believe it?!