Happy President’s Day!

Open House is quickly approaching. It is next week, in fact! We would like to invite you all of come and learn about what your child has been learning  in our classroom. We are so eager to share, we would like to give you a sneak peak. The morning of Open House we would like to invite you to come and explore each state on a road trip across America!

If you have been at Linfield for a few years and have older children, you may recall the longstanding tradition of each student bringing in food to represent their state and having the whole school come and sample what Maine, Delaware, Florida, etc… have to offer. This year, in an effort to limit costs to you and enrich this time, we are instead inviting parents and staff of the school to come and be apart of our road trip. Each child will still be responsible for bringing in a sample food of their choice to represent their state, but they will only be bringing 50 (-100 max) samples (as in the past, it has been around 200). Food to represent a state could be as simple as orange slices from Florida, chocolate kisses from Pennsylvania, salsa from New Mexico, jerky from Wyoming, or even corn from Iowa. The child is also welcome to try to cook a recipe like gumbo from Louisiana or apple pie from Ohio. The food choice is up to each child, but all food should be able to be divided into sample size portions to be given out.

On March 1st, we have a minimum day. from 10:30-11:30, parents are invited to come, sample foods, learn about each state, and get their road trip passports stamped by each state’s 5th grade tour guide.

This week in our classroom…

We are still in the depths of working on our state reports. No trifold poster boards will need to be purchased by parents. We are writing research reports and creating display posters to represent our state.

In math, we are finishing of Topic 7 with adding and subtracting fractions with the Test being THIS Thursday, the 22nd. Please review with your child and let us know if your child needs any additional help.

This week in Bible, we will continue studying the book of Judges and specifically studying Samson.

We are starting Science this week, studying matter, atoms, and the Periodic Table of Elements (chapter 8 in our books). Please ask your child about what they are learning as materials come home and review with them.


Monday is NO SCHOOL, honoring President’s day

March 1st: Middle School is planning something special for incoming 6th graders at their Open House.  If students and their families meet at the MS steps (by the flag pole) at 6:30pm, they can be part of a tour of the campus.  In addition to this, they will get a free red spirit shirt, for COLOR WARS, which is a huge deal on their campus.  🙂