This is out last (academic) week of school! The last week of school has SO much going on! Please CLICK HERE to see the information sent home a few weeks ago.

In math, we are finishing our 11th chapter on Measurement (customary and metric) and reviewing for the middle school placement test. Both tests will be this week. The Chapter 11 test will be on Wednesday.

This week in Bible, we will be studying the faith of Elijah and how he boldly stepped up and confronted evil. We will see how he listened to the Lord and called others to repentance.

We will be concluding this year with one of the students favorite subjects, creative writing. The students will be given several prompts and called to develop their ideas.

Our test on the 50 nifty United States will be Friday. We have been studying the states with their capitals by region and on Friday, we will put all of the regions together to name each state and capital.

Map Practice Pages:

Western Region

Midwestern Region

Southern Region

Northeastern Region