Week of February 18-February 22

Hello students and families!

Another short week is ahead of us! For ELA this week, we will be focusing on doing a writing unit. The students will work on writing an original piece, editing it, and putting it into a final draft format. This week for math, we are just reviewing past concepts of adding and subtracting mixed numbers; this means that there will be no math homework this week (BOO-YAH). We are doing this to ensure that the students are able to gain mastery of these concepts before moving on to future topics. For Science and History, we will continue working on our state projects. There is still much to do!

On Tuesday (2/19/19) we have Step-Up Day! For the 5th graders, this means that they will be spending an hour up at the middle school checking it out and seeing what life will be like next year as a 6th grader.

We also want to make you all aware of a special day! March 15th (Friday) is Walk Through the Revolutionary War! This is a huge event where all 5th graders assume the role of somebody who was involved in the revolutionary war. They will memorize facts and lines for skits and perform in front of their peers! We will be assigning roles to the students sometime this week, so be on the lookout for that!

Don’t forget that Open House is on February 28th (Thursday)! The classrooms will be all decked out with work that we have been doing through the year–we are so excited to show off our hard work! Make sure you stop by and visit all of the Agents from Agency D3 that will be waiting for you!

Here is our test schedule:

  • 2/21/19 (Thursday): Memory Verse Test

Let’s have a great week!

Miss Abrahamian & Miss Duncan