This week we are wrapping up chapters 1-8, with place value, powers of ten, decimals, and fractions. We will be reviewing these topics in class on Monday and Tuesday and taking a benchmark on Wednesday and Thursday.

In Language Arts, we are continuing our study of figurative language as we learn about personification. We will be writing pieces personifying a normal classroom object by bringing it to life!

Our Bible study this week will center around the week before Christ was crucified and rose again. We will investigate the events that lead up to Jesus’s death and how that impacts our own lives, remembering his sacrifice for us.

This week, we are using our knowledge of explorers and buoyancy to create ships using foil, straws, tape, and Popsicle sticks to help the explorers cross the ocean to the new world. Students will be on a supply cost budget, build their boats, test their boats, make modifications,  and ultimately set sail! Will they make it?

Please see our lesson plans (under Lesson Plans tab) to see a complete layout of our week.


March 22: We will be celebrating Easter here at school! We will be spending time with Pastor Darius at the cross on the main campus and reflecting on Jesus’ sacrifice and great victory for us!

March 23: Market Day! March 23rd is also a half-day, dismissal is at 11:30am.

Danny and the Shacks Show Dates:

  • The “A” show will be May 2nd.
  • The “B” show will be May 3rd.

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