Week of May 20-May 24

Hello students and families!

Hallelujah–we made it through ASPIRE testing! We completely understand that this kind of testing takes a toll on their 5th grade brains. We cannot believe that this is our last full week of school! How is it already here?! We are really encouraging the students to finish strong so we can get to all of the fun celebrations!

We are continuing Unit 5 in ELA. Unit 5 focuses on adventurers–who doesn’t love reading about people going on exciting adventures?! We will have spelling and vocabulary words like we always do. There will be a test for both of these on Friday (5/24).

We will finish up Topic 15 this week. It was a super short topic and we flew through it. We will have a small quiz on the content on Monday.

Please turn in your permission slips and money for The Wave field-trip (5/30) ASAP. Permissions slips are due on Monday 5/20. This is going to be such a fun trip and we cannot wait to celebrate our students! They deserve it! Permission slips can be found in the email from Mrs. Washburn or you can find extras in the office.


This week’s tests:

  • 5/22 (Wednesday) Science Chapter 10 Test (Duncan)
  • 5/22 (Wednesday) History Chapter 9 Test (Abrahamian)
  • 5/24 (Friday) Spelling List 25 Test
  • 5/24 (Friday) Math Topic 16 Test
  • 5/24 (Friday) Vocabulary/Comprehension Test

Science Chapter 10 study Guide

History Chapter 9 Study Guide

Let’s have a great week!

Miss Abrahamian & Miss Duncan