END of the Year

END of the Year

Monday: No School in honor of Memorial Day!


Tuesday: Pool Party! We will be going to Calvary Chapel Bible College (39407 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd, Murrieta, CA). We will be meeting at the pool at 9:00 AM and will be there until 1:30 PM. Though we will have 4 life guards to help monitor the pool, we would love to have parents join us. If you would like to attend our 5th Grade Pool Party AND eat pizza lunch with us, the cost will be $5. If you would simply like to attend without eating, the cost is free. Either way, we need an RSVP from your family by Friday, May 18th. We need to know if you (parents) will be attending and/or eating and if you plan on driving your student. If you cannot drive your own student, please let us know ASAP. We will try to organize a carpool for those needing a ride. Cash money for adult pizza lunch will also be due on the 18th.

* Permission slips for students are also due back by May 18th!


Wednesday: Promotion Day! On Wednesday, we will be having our 5th grade promotion at 6:00 PM at the high school gym. We will be honoring the students with awards from all of the enrichment teachers, for academics, and for Godly character.  Please dress nicely for our promotion. Reminder for girls: please not short skirts, spaghetti straps, or anything that is not school appropriate.


* In preparation for 5th Grade Promotion, we need your help! Please email two pictures of your student. One needs to be a baby picture and the other a current picture. If you could email us a digital copy to ctremanye@linfield.com or swieczorek@linfield.com ASAP, that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


*We are considering hiring a videographer for the promotion. If we have enough interest, we will hire a professional. Videos will be approximately $25. Please let us know ASAP if you would be interested in this and we will set it up.

* On Wednesday, May 9th Kathleen Leighton will be taking photos for Promotion. Please send your students in their navy Linfield shirts.


Thursday: 5th Grade Ditch Day! Teachers will be at school, but students do not need to attend as this is a long-standing tradition for the 5th grade class to celebrate their completion of elementary school! If you would like your child to attend on this day please note that it is a minimum day, with dismissal at 11:30.


Friday: Field Day! We will be outside the whole day for our annual field day! Coach Pyne is organizing  fun water games, tug-a-war, and obstacle course, and competing against fellow 5th graders! If you would like to come volunteer, Coach Pyne would love some help! Please contact him ASAP. Dismissal that day will be at 11:30. More information to follow!