Math Lessons

Math Lessons


In 5th grade, we use Houghton Mifflin Singapore math. Students will also be doing rocket math to build their speed and accuracy of their basic facts. In addition, we do Math minutes weekly to continually review the math concepts. There will be homework nightly for math. Most homework comes from their workbook. There is a link to the textbook in the right sidebar to help with the material.


Statistical Landmarks

Statistical Landmarks Vocabulary

Practice with Statistical Landmarks


Line Plots and stem and Leaf plots

Making a stem and leaf plot

Stem and leaf plots

line plot sample


Line graphs

Line Graph information

Reading a line graph

Line Graph questions

Practice 7.3

Making a line graph




Histogram info

Histogram practice

Practice 7.2



Bar graphs

Bar graph Questions

Double Bar graph 

Double Bar graph Questions

Practice 7.1





Equivalent ratios


Estimates or exact answers


Percent, decimal, fractions

Make choices


Organized list

Making predictions





Points, Lines, and Rays


Algebra review


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