Math Objectives

Math Objectives

Fifth Grade Math Objectives

Unit 1

  1. Read, write, and identify place value in whole numbers and decimals
  2. Round, compare, and order whole numbers and decimals
  3. Use addition properties to evaluate numerical expressions
  4. Estimate sums and differences
  5. Add and subtract whole numbers
  6. Solve addition and subtraction equations using mental math


Unit 2

  1. Use properties to evaluate algebraic expressions
  2. Estimate products and quotients
  3. Multiply and divide by one-and two-digit numbers
  4. Solve multiplication and division equations using mental math
  5. Use the correct order of operations


Unit 3

  1. Use customary and metric units of length, capacity, and weight/mass
  2. Represent and interpret data in graphs
  3. Collect and organize data in plots and graphs
  4. Find the mean, median, mode and range of a set of data
  5. Draw conclusions and make predictions from data displays


Unit 4

  1. Identify prime and composite numbers and write the prime factorization of numbers
  2. Find common factors, GCF, common multiples, and LCM
  3. Find equivalent fractions and write fractions in simplest form
  4. Relate and compare fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals
  5. Estimate fraction and decimal sums and differences
  6. Add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers
  7. Add and subtract decimals


Unit 5

  1. Multiply and divide with fractions and mixed numbers
  2. Estimate decimal products and quotients
  3. Multiply and divide with fractions


Unit 6

  1. Identify and classify basic two-and three dimensional geometric figures and their parts
  2. Identify congruent figures and figures with line and rotational symmetry
  3. Identify transformations as reflections, translations, or rotations
  4. Find the perimeter and area of polygons and irregular figures
  5. Use pi to find the circumference of a circle
  6. Find surface area and volume of solid figures


Unit 7

  1. Read, write and use ratios, equivalent ratios, and rates
  2. Identify proportions and use them to solve problems, including similar figures and sale drawings
  3. Use ratios to write percents, relate and compare percents, decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers
  4. Find percent of a number
  5. Determine combinations
  6. Find probability


Unit 8

  1. Write and solve equations
  2. Use functions and function tables to solve equations
  3. Compare and order integers
  4. Add and subtract integers
  5. Graph ordered pairs




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