Each quarter each student will be given an assessment to find their accurate reading level. They will be tested using San Diego Quick, Scholastic Running Record, and the STAR test (via Accelerated Reader).

Based from these scores, the students will select appropriate books for them to read. Once the student is done reading one book, he/she will start another. There is no minimum requirement on the quantity of books per quarter. However, based from the STAR test, each child will be assigned a reading level goal. Each goal is set specifically for the child. Each child is required to meet the minimum first goal set, but highly encouraged to exceed that and meet higher goals. If the student is reading on average 20 minutes a night, they will meet their individual initial goal. Once the student has finished their book, they will take an AR test on the book and/or complete a project on the book to show comprehension.

AR Website:

Escape Room

Reading Assessments

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