Science Resources

Science Resources

Periodic Table Research


Body Systems

Water Cycle

Solar System


Houghton Mifflin Textbook Links

Solar system



Weather Sites

Weather Photograph

How to Keep Protected Outdoors in Inclement Weather (Thanks Alex for sharing this site!)

Kid’s Guide to Tornadoes (Thanks Ava for sharing this site)


Water Information

  • USGS : Water science for School

  • Water Education Foundation

 Water Games

  • South East Water: Water cycle game

  • EPA: Water Interactive Games and Activities

  • Earthguide.water cycle quiz


Water conservation Games & Information


  • Water Conservation in the Bathroom

  • Water conservation at home



Water Education Foundation: Water Kids

•U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Acid Rain Experiments

•America’s Clean Water Foundation: ACWF Kids: Fun Links

ENFO: Water Pollution

Water Conservation

Water Wisdom: Using Water Efficiently

Kids Corner: Water

Clean Water Program: Just for Kids

Conserving Water at Home

100 Tips for Conserving Water

Water Conservation Tips

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